Following her graduation from the online MPA program, Tiffany Chum hopes to pivot to a career in the public sector.Amidst social distancing orders and lockdowns, Tiffany Chum decided to obtain a master’s degree online. She discovered the USC Price Master of Public Administration (MPA) program online, which was fully compatible with her work schedule and complemented her career aspirations.

While Chum has predominantly worked in the private sector throughout her career, she knew pursuing this degree would help her make a bigger difference in the world, as well as fulfill her mother’s dream for one of her kids to attend USC. Chum found the program itself to be rigorous with a strong emphasis on group projects, which led her to realize that collaboration and teamwork are pillars of any organization or business success. She now considers the emphasis on group work to be one of the most valuable parts of the MPA program. Chum also highlighted learning about economics and nonprofit management, writing in the public sector, and encountering a diversity of perspectives throughout her time in the program. 

“What I loved most about USC is the type of people it draws in … it’s such a reputable school with great programs, great resources, and professors and students across the world. [I was] able to interact with folks with all different types of backgrounds and truly get their perspective,” she explained. “[If] we all have the same experiences … you’re not growing, you’re not learning.”

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