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What does an admissions counselor do? How they can help

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Portrait of three admissions counselors in the school hall.

An admissions counselor’s primary role is to provide information, guidance, and support tailored to prospective students’ academic and career goals as they navigate through the university application process. They also have the responsibility to evaluate applicants and assess their compatibility with the program’s enrollment standards. Their expertise allows them to identify promising candidates who demonstrate the potential to thrive academically and contribute positively to the university’s community and program cohort. 

Reaching out to a graduate admissions counselor is a great opportunity to connect with an expert in a university’s admissions process. While they cannot edit, proofread, or provide feedback on materials, they can offer valuable insights into the application process, like tips on writing effective personal statements, selecting the right references for your letters of recommendation, and presenting academic and extracurricular achievements in a favorable light. 

Admissions counselors often have extensive knowledge about the programs and departments within an institution. They can assist applicants in connecting with faculty, current students, and alumni who can offer more information about the program. This can give applicants a better understanding of the academic environment, research opportunities, and career prospects associated with their desired program and field of interest. 

How to reach out to admissions counselors

Graduate admissions counselors are here to help you. You can generally find their contact information on the website of the program you are applying to. Begin by introducing yourself and expressing your interest in pursuing a graduate program at their institution. Mention any specific details about the program or research areas that align with your academic and career goals. 

Leonard Slutsky

I enjoy getting to know prospective students – learning about their interests, experiences, and goals. Price students are passionate about making a positive impact in the world, and I do everything I can to support them in their academic journey.
– Leonard Slutsky, Manager of Marketing and Admissions for Online Programs, USC Sol Price School of Public Policy

If you’re interested in speaking with a USC Price Online admissions counselor about the Master of Public Administration or Executive Master of Urban Planning programs, send an email directly to [email protected], or fill out the Request Information form and an admissions counselor will get in touch. 

Remember, admissions counselors are there to help and guide you through the application process. Be respectful and professional in your interactions, and use these opportunities to learn more about the institution and make a positive impression.

What to ask admissions counselors

When reaching out to admissions counselors, here are some questions you can ask to gather valuable information:

Application process and requirements

  • What are the application deadlines for the program?
  • Are there any specific admission requirements or prerequisites?
  • Do I need to submit standardized test scores (e.g., GRE, GMAT)?
  • Are there any additional application materials or documents I need to provide?

Program details

  • What are the specific courses offered in the program?
  • Are there any specializations or concentrations available?
  • Can you provide information about the faculty members and their areas of expertise?
  • Are there any research opportunities or collaborations with industry partners?

Funding and scholarships

  • What financial aid options are available for graduate students?
  • Are there any scholarships, grants, or assistantships I can apply for?
  • Can you provide information about the cost of tuition and living expenses?

Career prospects and alumni network

  • What are the career outcomes for graduates of this program?
  • Can you share information about the Trojan alumni network and their success stories?
  • Are there any career services or resources available to support students’ job search?

Online resources and student life

  • Can you provide information about the resources available to online graduate students?
  • What is the student community like? Are there any student organizations or clubs related to my field of interest?
  • Are there opportunities for networking and professional development outside of the classroom?

Remember, these are just some suggestions, and you can tailor them based on your specific questions and interests. Admissions counselors are there to assist you, so don’t hesitate to bring up any concerns that will help you make an informed decision about pursuing your graduate studies and stand out as an applicant. 

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